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Been A Long Time Since You Rock & Rolled? Part III: Led Zeppelin’s Hammer Of The Gods Conquest With 97X


For old-school rock and rollers, this Led Zeppelin refresher course is being presented as a multi-part series to reintroduce you to the English band who conquered America, so to speak, in the 1970s. If you have never listened to the quartet, then this is your starter kit.

The intention of the series brought to you by 97X, The Future of Rock and Roll, a division of Bedrock Sports, is to bring you one song from each of the band’s seven studio albums (and possibly the eighth and ninth) that meet the following criteria — Relentless, Hard Driving, Mostly Fast, and above all — Grooving. In other words, these are the high (and fast) points of those albums in the eyes of me, Bedrock/97X author and Led Zeppelin fan Nick Abramo.

Today’s offering, “Immigrant Song” from 1970s Led Zeppelin III, is another short one, just two minutes, 26 seconds, which is four seconds shorter than the song featured in Part I — “Communication Breakdown” from Led Zeppelin I.

But, oh, there was no need for Led Zeppelin to make these tune any longer. Tight and power-packed does the job just fine.

Of all the songs that have been and will be featured here, “Immigrant Song” is by far the most popular. It peaked at No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100. Also, it’s been played in hit movies like “Thor: Ragnarok” and “School of Rock.”

Listen to the lyrics and you’ll find yourself on a journey of the Norsemen/Vikings and how they “sweep (on) with threshing oar,” driven by the “hammer of the Gods,” eventually becoming “overlords” of the people and places they conquer with a responsibility to bring “peace and trust.” For me, it’s always been a broad-stroke analogy of Led Zeppelin coming to America and ruling the rock scene with Jimmy Page’s awe-inspiring guitar and composition. John Bonham’s booming drums, Robert Plant’s howls, shrieks and whoops and John Paul Jones’ steadfast, impeccable bass and keyboards.

And speaking of “Hammer of the Gods,” that’s the name of Stephen Davis’ 1985 unauthorized biography of the band.

So, go ahead, click the album cover below to listen to “Immigrant Song.” Remember, it’s only 2:26 from start to finish. You’ve got the time, right? Playing it loud is a MUST.


Led Zeppelin III


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