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  • August 17, 2022
Hawaii’s Jett Seson And Andrsyn Cardenas Are Tops In Division At San Diego’s D-Day Wrestling


Two Hawaii kids from Golden Back Wrestling — Andrsyn Cardenas and Jett Seson — won their freestyle and folkstyle divisions at the D-Day on the Broadway event in San Diego last Saturday.

Cardenas placed first in 15-U 95 pounds in both disciplines. Seson was the top placer in 7-U folkstyle and 8-U freestyle at 46 pounds.

Hawaii’s Andrsyn Cardenas, Jett Seson and Jayden Seson competed at a San Diego wrestling event on Saturday.

Three other Hawaii wrestlers competed — Kaihe Cobb-Adams and Kalai Cobb-Adams of Grapplers HI, and Jayden Seson of Golden Back.



All of the Hawaii results from the event follow.

D-Day On the Broadway Wrestling

July 2, San Diego

Andrsyn Cardenas
15-U 95 pounds, folkstyle round robin champion

>> def. Aidan Mueller (California), fall, 2:23
>> def. Hayden Schaeffer (California), major decision, 11-0


Andrsyn Cardenas
15-U 95 pounds, freestyle round robin champion

>> def. Emilio Escobar (San Diego), fall, 0:49
>> def. Ayden Tokita (Idaho), fall, 1:41


Jett Seson
7-U 46 pounds, folkstyle round robin champion

>> def. Dominic Maximo (Arizona), 7-0
>> def. Philip Espinosa (California), major decision, 14-6
>> def. Manny Vargas (California), 6-1
>> def. Owen Deal (California), forfeit


Jett Seson
8-U, 46 pounds, freestyle round robin champion

>> def. Vincent Escobedo (Arizona), fall, 1:24
>> def. Zara Bongcaron (California), fall, 0:32


Kaihe Cobb-Adams
18-U, 145 pounds, freestyle, third place

>> Quarterfinals: def. Anthony Toscano (California), fall, 2:16
>> Semifinals: def. Arnulfo Leon (California), fall, 2:32
>> First-place match: lost to Thomas Thongseng (California), fall, 0:47
>> Second-place match: lost to Kenneth Rodgers (California), fall, 1:05


Kaihe Cobb-Adams
18-U, 145 pounds, folkstyle

>> Round of 32: def. Nathaniel Zabala (California), 9-5
>> Round of 16: lost to Jordan Mello (California), major decision, 9-0
>> Consolation: def. Landon Tofanelli (California), 10-7
>> Consolation: lost to Brayden Robison (Utah), technical fall, 16-0


Jayden Seson
18-U, 120 pounds, folkstyle

>> Round of 32: lost to Dustin Merlos (California), major decision, 9-0
>> Consolation: def. Tristan Park (Utah), major decision 10-2
>> Consolation: def. Daniel Parra (California ), 4-2
>> Consolation: lost to Jason Saenz (California), forfeit


Jayden Seson
18-U, 120 pounds, freestyle

>> Quarterfinals: lost to Onelo Lorberter (California), fall, 5:16
>> Consolation: lost to Jacob Christianson (Washington), technical fall, 18-7


Kalai Cobb-Adams
11-U, 114 pounds, folkstyle

>> lost to Yanar Akoshali, (California) fall, 0:48
>> lost to Jose Perez (Arizona), fall, 0:47
>> lost to Xaeden Castillo Washington), technical fall, 21-6
>> lost to Luke Sevilla (California), fall, 1:19



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