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  • August 10, 2022
Mega St. Louis Blues Fan In Hawaii Rocks A Hockey Website And Podcast

Guy Bensing is a St. Louis Blues fan.

Boo! What? Eh, well, this author likes the Boston Bruins so that’s the reason for the booing.

But also … yay!!! Bensing is a hockey nut and runs a hockey website and video podcast in Hawaii, and the subject matter, mostly, is the St. Louis Blues. The more the merrier for hockey coverage in the Aloha State.

Guy Bensing hosts a podcast called “BlueNote Fan Report” and a runs a website called “ “

Here at, we’ve added links to Bensing’s video podcast that you can find if you scroll down our home page. You can also get there by clicking here: BlueNote Fan Report.

And this is not just a run-of-the-mill show. Some of the guests are intriguing personalities from the world of hockey such as Hall of Fame goaltender Grant Fuhr, former Blues superstar Garry Unger and NHL broadcaster Darren Pang.

And there are plenty of St. Louis Blues fans in Hawaii that can tap in. I can think of three who play in the adult leagues at Kapolei Inline Hockey Arenas — Brett Freeland, Steve Steinbeck and Shawn Hibbard, but there are probably more than that.

On his website, Bensing posts feature stories and news about the Blues and the NHL and also runs stories from other writers. He plans to expand the site to include other locales and sports.

You can check the site out by clicking here:

Guy Bensing.

BedrockSports Hawaii contributed one story to his site already. You can read that here: The 7th Man, A Boston Bruins Tradition.

Um, and even though I am not a St. Louis Blues fan, I do give them kudos for beating the Bruins in seven games in the 2019 Stanley Cup Final.

As a kid, I used to wear a blue St. Louis Blues jersey (among many other teams’ jerseys) while playing street hockey, pretending to be guys like Unger and goaltender Jacques Caron.

And, for posterity, the most famous of hockey photos is of Boston’s Bobby Orr flying through the air after putting a pack past Glenn Hall to finish off a four-game sweep of the St. Lous Blues in the 1970 Stanley Cup Final.

I have the original tattered poster of that goal. If you have never seen it, take the 21 seconds to watch. Click the photo below and a video will pop up.

Oh yeah!!!

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