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ILH Wrestling Results From Friday, Jan. 6, At Kamehameha


Important note (especially to coaches): There may be some mistakes to the following ILH wrestling matches due to hard-to-read handwritten results provided to Bedrock Sports Hawaii. If you have any corrections, email [email protected].


Bedrock Sports Hawaii  caught up with two reigning wrestling state champions last week along with another competitor who just missed making that mark.

Kamehameha’s Scotty Dikilato and Jax Realin got together for a photo on Friday.

It was during the ILH’s scheduled matches at Kamehameha’s Kekuhaupio Gym on Friday. That’s where the boys engaged in dual meets and the girls had round-robin competition.

Farther down, you can check out what the Warriors’ Scotty Dikilato (2022 285-pound state champ) and Jax Realin (127-pound state runner-up) and PAC-5’s Xander Erolin 152 state champ) had to say.

In other wrestling news, ‘Iolani sophomore Tessa Taflinger wrestled her first varsity bout. Taflinger has an autoimmune disorder called mixed connected tissue disease that seriously effects her energy levels.

‘Iolani’s Tessa Taflinger, right, with her proud father Thomas, after her first wrestling match Friday.



Also, take a look at the boys dual meet results below. Unfortunately, due to a glitch, the ILH was unable to provide girls round-robin results.

First, though, here are some of the bigger match results:

>> 152: Akoni Kaaialii (K) def. Justyce Mercado (P), fall, 1:43
>> 138: Zion Amerson (S) def. Kai Sekigawa (I), 12-2
>> 152: Kailer Lee (I) def. Zayvien Balisacan (S), 2-1
>> 152: Akoni Kaaialii (K) def Kailer Lee (I), 8-3
>> 160: Casey Honbo (I) def. Connor Creech (S), 6-5
>> 138: Kai Sekigawa (I) def. Kawika Naweli (K), 5-3

Kaaialii’s victory over Mercado, the 145-pound state champ from 2022, was a big upset. Kaaialii placed fifth at 138 at states last year.

ILH BOYS DUAL MEETS, at Kamehameha

Saint Louis 46, ‘Iolani 26
>> 106: Jake Tamaribachi (I) def. Roame Garcia (S), 11-0
>> 113: Hunter Berger (S) def. Coby Miyamoto (I), fall, 1:22
>> 120: Joshua Frias (I) def. Eli Suan (S), 9-1
>> 126: Aidan Martinez (I) def. Kline Correa (S), fall, 3:25
>> 132: Trav Takeshita (I) def. Brock Abellanida (S), fall, 5:43
>> 138: Zion Amerson (S) def. Kai Sekigawa (I), 12-2
>> 145: Kaihi Cobb-Adams (S) won by forfeit
>> 152: Kailer Lee (I) def. Zayvien Balisacan (S), 2-1
>> 160: Casey Honbo (I) def. Connor Creech (S), 6-5
>> 170: Kolt McCreedie (S) def. Gabe Moorehouse (I), fall, 1:22
>> 182: Simon Brown (S) won by forfeit
>> 195: Malakai Holland (S) def. Teiji Miyashiro (I), fall, 3:42
>> 220: Jordan Fuifui (S) won by forfeit
>> 285: Hunter Ho (S) won by forfeit

Kamehameha 60, Punahou 11
>> 106: Cameron Ramos (K) def. Noah Choy (P), no score given
>> 113: Evan Kusumoto (K) won by forfeit
>> 120: Gavin Buelow (P) def. Jaxon Duldulao (K), fall, 0:54
>> 126: Brendan Sekulich (P) def. Noah McKenzie (K), no score given
>> 132: Hoakeakama Salter (K) def. Cohl Otsuka-Bence (P), fall, 0:33
>> 138: Kawika Naweli (K) def. Max Nakano (P), fall, 0:06
>> 145: Samson Paaluhi  (K) def. Cole Shimamura (P), fall, 1:42
>> 152: Akoni Kaaialii (K) def. Justyce Mercado (P), fall, 1:43
>> 160: Traven Wailehua (K) won by forfeit
>> 170: Kameron Arizumi (K) def. Tau Tuikolongahau (P), tiebreaker, 8-6
>> 182: Ethan Ito (P) def. Kaipono Rees (K), no score given
>> 195: Kainalu Seales (K) won by forfeit
>> 220: Kainoa Gonzales (K) def. Aidan Erickson (P), fall, 1:40
>> 285: Scotty Dikilato (K) def. Skyden Hanisi (P), fall, 0:43

‘Iolani 39, PAC-5 22
>> 106: Alex Kaai (P) def. Jake Tamaribuchi (I), fall, 5:53
>> 113: Troy Almeida (P) def. Coby Miyamoto (I), fall, 2:43
>> 120: Joshua Frias (I) def. Elisha Lum (P), fall, 0:59
>> 126: Aidan Martinez (I) def. Elijah Connell-Chavez (P), fall, 2:52
>> 132: Brenton Kano (I) def. Vance Oda (P), 6-5
>> 138: Kai Sekigawa (I) def. Carson Suzuki (P) (P), fall, 1:02
>> 145: Daniel Luis (P) won by forfeit
>> 152: Kailer Lee (I) def. Leighton Kaai (P), fall, 0:49
>> 160: Xander Erolin (P) def. Casey Honbo (I), major decision, 11-3
>> 170: Gabe Moorehouse (I) won by forfeit
>> 182: No match
>> 195: Teiji Miyashiro (I) won by forfeit
>> 220: No match
>> 285: No match

Punahou 54, Damien 6
>> 106: Jordan DeCenzo (D) def. Noah Choy (P), fall, 1:11
>> 113: No match
>> 120: Gavin Buelow (P) def. Kaleb Kealanahele (D), fall, 1:31
>> 126: Brendan Sekulich (P) def. no opponent given (D), fall, 1:01
>> 132: Cohl Otsuka-Bence (P) def.  no opponent given (D), fall, 1:20
>> 138: Max Nakano (P) def. Tyler Geronimo (D), fall, 2:52
>> 145: Cole Shimamura (P) def. Reagan Cabais (D), fall, 0:52
>> 152: Justyce Mercado (P) won by forfeit
>> 160: Mark Sabraw  (P) won by forfeit
>> 170: Kameron Arizumi (P) won by forfeit
>> 182: No match
>> 195: Ethan Ito (P) def. Aka Malina (D), fall, 3:46
>> 220: No match
>> 285: Skyden Hanisi (P) won by forfeit

Saint Louis 65, PAC-5 18
>> 106: Alex Kaai (P) def. Roame Garcia (S), fall, 1:00
>> 113: Hunter Berger (S) def. Troy Almeida (P), technical fall, 1:26
>> 120: Eli Suan (S) def. Elisha Lum (P), no score given
>> 126: Elijah Connell-Chavez (P) def. Kline Correa (S), no score given
>> 132: Brock Abellanida (S) def. Vance Oda (P), fall, 3:43
>> 138: Zion Amerson (S) def. Carson Suzuki (P), 1:23
>> 145: Kaihi Cobb-Adams (S) def. Daniel Luis (P), fall, 0:16
>> 152: Xander Erolin (P) def. Zayvien Balisacan (S), fall, 4:42
>> 160: Connor Creech (S) won by forfeit
>> 170: Kolt McCreedie (S) won by forfeit
>> 182: Simon Brown (S) won by forfeit
>> 195: Malakai Holland (S) won by forfeit
>> 220: Jordan Fuifui (S) won by forfeit
>> 285: Hunter Ho (S) won by forfeit

Kamehameha 62, ‘Iolani 12
>> 106: Jake Tamaribuchi (I) def. Cameron Ramos (K), 10-3
>> 113: Evan Kusumoto (K) def. Coby Miyamoto (I), technical fall, 23-7
>> 120: Joshua Frias (I) def. Jaxon Duldulao (K), fall, 0:30
>> 126: Noah McKenzie (K) def. Aidan Martinez (I), fall, 3:03
>> 132: Hoakea Salter (K) def. Brenton Kano (I), fall, 0:28
>> 138: Kai Sekigawa (I) def. Kawika Naweli (K), 5-3
>> 145: Taavi Paaluhi (K) won by forfeit
>> 152: Akoni Kaaialii (K) def. Kailer Lee (I), 8-3
>> 160: Traven Wailehua (K) won by forfeit
>> 170: Tau Tuikolongahau (K) def. Gabe Moorehouse (I), fall, 3:20
>> 182: Kaipono Rees (K) won by forfeit
>> 195: Kainalu Seales (K) def. Teiji Miyashiro (I), fall, 0:53
>> 220: Kainoa Gonzales (K) won by forfeit
>> 285: Scotty Dikilato (K) won by forfeit



Kamehameha’s Scotty Dikilato Is Leaner

Kamehameha’s Scotty Dikilato is about 1o to 15 pounds lighter, hoping to gain another state title this year.

“The game plan for this season was to drop a little bit of fat and gain a little bit more muscle so I can be more agile and keep my conditioning up,” he said.

He’s down from 255 pounds to the 240 to 245 range, which also helped him on the offensive line for the Warriors during football season.

“I’m in the middle to the bottom of the weight class, trying to keep it low so I can maneuver around those big guys,” he added. “I also wanted to be more agile in football because we had a lot of screens and pulling plays.”

Dikilato knows there are lots of other wrestlers out to get past him, and he’s already had some grueling times on the mat, beating Kanale Coelho this season twice after knocking off Coelho in the state final last year.

“He (Coelho) has skill,” Dikilato said. “He’s a little shorter than most of the guys and that makes it harder to maneuver around him and he also has good drive, too, with a lot of spirit.”

Dikilato’s 13 matches so far are more at this point in the season than any of his other high school seasons combined.

“I’m loving it so far,” he added. “So much more experience, and a lot more people.”



The Warriors’ Jax Realin Learned From Runner-Up State Finish

Kamehameha sophomore Jax Realin scored first in the state final a year ago before being overtaken by eventual 127-pound champ Lainey Eckart of Kamehameha-Hawaii.

She knows things will be tougher this year.

“There are a lot of tough people out there, esepecially since COVID is almost gone and I think that everyone is tough in their own way,” she said. “So I just have to find ways to work on what I’m good at.”

Realin learned from that big loss at states.

“I think that I choked and got too much in my head,” she said. “I wasn’t really taking in the moment as it was and I was overthinking it.”

Realin also talked about the Warriors girls team and their attitude for 2023:

“Overall, out team is pretty good. We have some weaknesses and strengths. We all just have to put our 110 percent out there and just leave it all on the mat and have no regrets. We did that at Moanalua Duals. We tried our best, and even though we weren’t happy with the outcome (second place), we’re still going to try and hopefully win it this year. There’s a lot of tough opponents out there. We’re going to bring it and see what happens.”



PAC-5’s Xander Erolin Sees 152 As A Loaded Bracket

The Wolfpack’s Xander Erolin knows things are not going to be a cakewalk to another state title.

“In the ILH alone, we have five state placers at 152,” he said.

Aside from Erolin, the other four are Kaaialii, Mercado, ‘Iolani’s Kailer Lee and Saint Louis’ Zayvien Balisacan.

“The season is going well so far,” Erolin said. “Still got a lot of stuff to work on. Overall, just having fun right now, not taking it super serious. Being laid back, going out there and wrestling my best. Looking back at last year and seeing I could pull it off has helped me throughout this season so far as well. I’m going to keep getting better every day. I know I can be better than where I am now. I’m going to be ready to peak in February.”

As for the five ILH guys making it a crowd at 152, Erolin added: “I hope they stay at that weight. It will be fun.”

Erolin has shown he can thrive in tough situations. He won last year’s state semis in overtime and the final in ultimate OT,



Kamehameha Boys And Moanalua Girls Rise To Wrestling Championships At Moanalua Duals


The Wrestling Season As It Unfolds:
>> 2022-23 Hawaii High School Wrestling Command Center




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    So many Upsets in the early season.
    Mercado gets “stuck” by Kam wrestler.
    There is a lot of parity this season but no real dominant wrestlers.

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