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Kapolei Boys And Moanalua Girls Wrestle To OIA Dual Meet Championships

The Kapolei boys and Moanalua girls wrestling teams won the OIA Dual Meet Championships on Saturday, Feb. 4, at the Mililani High gym.

Kapolei advanced to the boys final with a 72-10 win over Kalani in the quarterfinals and then a 66-12 victory over Pearl City in the semifinals.

The OIA champion Kapolei boys team and the girls team got together for a photo Saturday night at the Mililani gym. (Photo by Lizzie Woolsey).

In the boys championship match, the Hurricanes topped Mililani 43-25, getting individual wins from Brycen Pagurayan, Elijah Pinales, Maika Kahele Akeo, Rodstan Salangdron, Blessing Levasa, Zairyn Ramos-Semana, Jaezyn Ramos-Semana, Mayhem Woolsey and Chance Garcia.

“I’m so proud of our team’s progress so far this year,” Kapolei coach Sean Salter said. “We went into the tournament treating it like we’ve treated the past few weeks. It was an opportunity for us to train in live situations with wrestlers we don’t usually get to train with and test what we’ve been working on. It was great to see our athletes step up to the plate and wrestle without fear of failure. We came out and tried to aggressively score in every match from the opening whistle until the time expired. Our kids love wrestling and always try to put a show on for their supporters. It was reassuring to see the ones that have been battling through sickness and injury get back on the mat and gut it out.”

Added Hurricanes assistant coach Koa Hamada: “The journey of the day took us to overtime matches with returning OIA champions, wrestlers having to dig deep, battles with state placers, and young wrestlers coming into their own. We got to see where some individuals stand and where they need to go next. What we’re most proud of for both teams (including the runner-up girls squad) is we have a solid team that will scrap till the end, wrestle hard and got each other’s back.”

Moanalua made it to the girls final by beating Campbell 54-21.

In the girls championship match, Na Menehune defeated Kapolei 56-18, with individual wins by Kaleialohamaikalani Yasumura, Kiera Nitahara, Eden Baguio, Aurianna Pratt, Taegan Escaba, Gabrielle Hayashida, Kaitlyn Fong, Isabelle Asuncion and Calynn Ross.

The OIA champion Moanalua girls wrestling team.

“Winning the Moanalua duals gave us a pretty good idea that we had a pretty good chance to win the OIA duals, but the two teams we challenged at the OIA duals were teams that didn’t enter our Moanalua duals so we didn’t know what to expect,” Na Menehune coach Sean Sakaida said. “We were down a few starters that weren’t playing so we had to move our lineup a little and throw in some other wrestlers. In the end, we pulled it off and the tournament helped show what we need to work on to improve. I’m glad my girls didn’t take it for granted that it would be easy and came out and wrestled tough but I see we can still get better. Back to the drawing board Monday and on to Easterns.”

Boys Championship Match

Kapolei 43, Mililani 25

>> 170 Brycen Pagurayan (Kapolei Boys) over Adrian Lee (Mililani Boys) Decision, 14-11

>> 182Elijah Pinales (Kapolei Boys) over Aiden Shimokawa (Mililani Boys) Fall, 1:47

>> 195Maika Kahele Akeo (Kapolei Boys) over Jerusalem Jackson (Mililani Boys) Fall, 0:52

>> 220Rodstan Salangdron (Kapolei Boys) won by forfeit

>> 285Blessing Levasa (Kapolei Boys) over Jerahmyah Maafala (Mililani Boys) Fall 1:09

>> 106Zairyn Ramos-Semana (Kapolei Boys) over Caden Guevara (Mililani Boys) Decision, 8-2

>> 113Jaezyn Ramos-Semana (Kapolei Boys) over Sean Geyrozaga (Mililani Boys) Fall, 2:45

>> 120Kulika Corpuz (Mililani Boys) over Ayden Quijano (Kapolei Boys) Fall, 1:51

>> 126Koen Shigemoto (Mililani Boys) over Ryker Shimabukuro (Kapolei Boys) Decision, 8-4

>> 132Jaynon Mariano (Mililani Boys) over Cody Pascual (Kapolei Boys) Fall, 0:39

>> 138Mayhem Woolsey (Kapolei Boys) over Jaren Kimura (Mililani Boys) Decision, 8-4

>> 145Logan Hackbarth (Mililani Boys) over Ethan Staib (Kapolei Boys), Major decision, 24-10

>> 152Chance Garcia (Kapolei Boys) over Joseph Fujioka (Mililani Boys), Major decision, 14-4

>> 160Emory Buncome (Mililani Boys) over Kaikane Miguel-Wong (Kapolei Boys) Fall, 1:14

Other Boys Team Scores
First Round
>> Kalani 45, Radford 33
>> Kapolei 72, Kalani 10
>> Pearl City 43, Campbell 33
>> Mililani 52, Leilehua 21
>> Moanalua 56, Waianae 17
>> Kapolei 66, Pearl City 12
>> Mililani 41, Moanalua 21

Girls Championship Match

Moanalua 56, Kapolei 18

>> 132 – Kaleialohamaikalani Yasumura (Maoanalua) over Lohelani Tehotu (Kapolei), Fall, 1:09

>> 138 – Kiera Nitahara (Moanalua) over Shailalee Akau (Kapolei), Decision, 5-3

>> 145 – Kaui Lee Tynan (Kapolei) over Nohilani Kukonu (Moanalua), Fall, 5:01

>> 155 – Temehani Paepule (Moanalua) won by forfeit

>> 168 – No match

>> 184 – Eden Baguio (Moanalua) over Hiileialoha Saizon (Kapolei), Fall, 1:04

>> 225 – Aurianna Pratt (Moanalua) won by forfeit

>> 97 – Taegan Escaba (Moanalua) won by forfeit

>> 102 – Gabrielle Hayashida (Moanalua) over Aquila Santos (Kapolei), Fall, 0;43

>> 107 – Stacallen Mahoe (Kapolei) over Kaili Foster (Moanalua), Fall, 4:17

>> 112 – Kaitlyn Fong (Moanalua) over Dayna Ching (Kapolei), Fall, 2:26

>> 117 – Isabelle Asuncion (Moanalua) def. Taylor Hiu (Kapolei), Technical fall, 17-0

>> 122 – Calyn Ross (Moanalua) won by forfeit

>> 127 – Eloise Woolsey (Kapolei) over Kamailemaikalani Yasumura (Moanalua), Fall, 5:12

Other Girls Team Scores
>> Moanalua 54, Campbell 21
>> Kapolei 39, Leilehua 30


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