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  • June 25, 2022
The 2022 Crop Of KIHA High School Graduates Opts For A College Education


Inline hockey is alive and well at Kapolei Inline Hockey Arenas, despite the wicked curveball sent over by COVID-19 starting in 2020.

And it’s that time of year when the players who went made it all the way through the youth ranks at KIHA graduate high school.

There are five this year and now they’re moving on to a different phase in their lives. All are headed to college, and more recreational hockey will likely be a part of their future as well.

College hockey will definitely be part of Kawena Lee’s future, The 2022 Saint Louis School graduate will be playing for Bethel University in Tennessee.

The other four kids (now, ahem, men) who finished up their high schooling this year are: Relin Coller, Chris Kae, Ryan Duke and Zach Ing.

Here’s a little bit about each of these fine young men (all photos are courtesy of Julie Nahoi-Baricar):

>> Name: Relin Coller
>> Jersey: No. 54
>> School: Hawaii Technical Academy
>> Started KIHA: 8U
>> Best memory: Top-shelf goal at NARCH to make the finals in 8U
>> Future: Leeward Community College

>> Name: Ryan Duke
School: Kapolei High School
>> Best memory: Way too many great memories
>> Future: University of Colorado

>> Name: Zach Ing
>> Jersey: No. 20
>> School: Hawaii Baptist Academy
>> Started KIHA: 12U
>> Best memory: First NARCH tournament on the mainland
>> Future: UH Hilo

>> Name: Christopher Kae
>> Jersey: No. 32
>> School: Mililani High School
>> Best memory: Playing goalie in (men’s) D-4 for the first time
>> Future: University of Hawaii

>> Name: Kawena Lee
>> Jersey: No. 23
>> School: Saint Louis School
>> Started KIHA: 8U
>> Best memory: Traveling to play in NARCH tournaments and especially having Papa and all the ohana watch the weekly home games
>> Future: Bethel University

Zach Ing and Chris Kae after a recent game.


KIHA Veteran Youth Players/High School Graduates Since 2020

Class of 2022
>> Relin Coller (Hawaii Technical Academy)
>> Ryan Duke (Kapolei)
>> Zach Ing (Hawaii Baptist Academy)
>> Chris Kae (Mililani)
>> Kawena Lee (Saint Louis)

Class of 2021
>> Ethan Rogers (Campbell)
>> Nate Simmons (Damien)
>> Kailia Moylan (Kaiser)
>> Namie Sato (Kaiser)

Class of 2020
>> Adam Harder (Hanalani)
>> Austin Harder (Hanalani)
>> Kaena Humber (Damien)
>> Jaden Nahoi-Baricar (Kapolei)
>> Adam Gooden (Kapolei)



Note: List is incomplete

>> Tyler Igarashi (Mililani)
>> Preston Suekawa (Mililani)
>> Allen Donathan
>> Ethan Matsuoka (Roosevelt)
>> Anthony Baron
>> Attila Gooden (Kapolei)
>> E.J. Abramo (Mililani)
>> Lance Hamilton (Roosevelt)
>> Travis Eichner (home school)
>> Caleb Senn
>> Braden Betz (Mililani)
>> David Riccuobuono (Hanalani)
>> Ethan Oshiro (Kamehameha)
>> Thomas McNorton
>> Donovan Warren
>> Shaun Apiki (Damien)
>> Travis Kilcommons
>> Joseph Lyons (Saint Louis)
>> Kaz White


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