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Alabama’s Nick Saban Extends Offers To Trent Seaborn And Malakai Lee (Who Also Gets An Offer From Georgia’s Kirby Smart)


Alabama head coach Nick Saban extended offers to two players with Hawaii ties recently:

>> One to quarterback Trent Seaborn, who played youth football in the 808 and is going into his freshman year at Alabama’s Thompson High.

>> One to offensive lineman Malakai Lee, who is going to be a sophomore at Kamehameha.

AND JUST AS THIS STORY was about to be published, Lee also received an offer from Georgia coach Kirby Smart.

Lee, who also has offers from BYU, Texas, Oregon, Miami and Hawaii, is a big boy — at 6 feet 7, 310 pounds, and it’s highly likely he will continue to see the offers roll in.

Another interesting stat about Lee is his 4.0 grade-point average. And he also recently made his official visit to Oregon.

As an eighth-grader in 2022, Seaborn led Thompson to the Alabama 7A high school state championship. He has many other offers and will probably get more over the next four years of high school.

Seaborn moved away from Hawaii after third grade to Colorado and then to Alabama, winding up at the school Hawaii’s Taulia Tagovailoa went to. As a matter of fact, Taulia’s dad, Galu Tagovailoa, was instrumental in sparking the Seaborns’ interest in having Trent attend Thompson.

As you can imagine, a kid who hasn’t started his freshman year of high school yet getting an offer from Nick Saban is going to be pretty excited.

Bedrock Sports caught up with Seaborn to get his thoughts.

“Hearing Coach Saban say ‘We want to offer you a scholarship to come play for us,’ was just amazing,” Trent texted Bedrock Sports Hawaii. “I’ve only met him one other time, when I was in fourth grade, I think. So seeing him on TV and videos, and then seeing him in person, it was hard to believe it was actually happening. It really left me even more motivated to keep my focus on working hard and getting better because I have a long way to go before I’m good enough to really earn these offers for real.”

Sounds like a really good attitude right there … “Really earn those offers for real.”

Seaborn, who played youth football in Hawaii for the Ewa Beach Sabers and All Blacks Crusaders, was asked for his greatest strength and areas he thinks he needs improvement:

“One of my strengths I think is my composure. I try not to get too high, or too low, with whatever is happening in the game. When I make a bad play, I try to flush it and move on to the next play. And if I make a good play, I’ll enjoy it a moment, but again I have to focus on the next play. My head coach Mark Freeman works us really hard in practices, pushes us hard not just physically but mentally. He wants to make it so that when the lights come on, we are at our best, and mentally we can manage all the outside noise. It’s hard for me to think of just one area to improve on. I can’t think of just one thing. It’s all important — strength, speed, the mental game, getting bigger. I’m always trying to be a better teammate to my family on the team and trying to be one of the leaders in the locker room and on the field.”



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