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  • June 25, 2022

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10 Most-Read Stories In May 2022
1. WATCH: 20 Videos Of Championship Matches
From The State Judo Tournament (May 9)
2. 'Iolani Captures Boys And Girls ILH Judo Championships (May 2)
3. COVID-19 Outbreak Prevents Molokai Judo Team
From Participating In State Tournament (May 5)
4. Eddie Gudoy, Wrestling Official And Former Moanalua Coach,
Dies Unexpectedly At 59 (April 26)
5. WATCH: 20 Videos From The ILH Judo Championships On Friday (May 2)
6. The 12 New Hawaii Hall Of Honor Inductees
Boost The Total To 480 Since 1983 (May 23)
7. Pearl City's Anakin Mendoza Bookends High School Judo Career
With Another State Title (May 9)
8. HFUSAW Alerts Clubs: A Coach Deemed Ineligible By SafeSport
For Sexual Misconduct Has Been Training Member Athletes (May 19)
9. Kapolei's Rodstan Salangdron Upends Upstart Giant Killer
Joedon Kapihe Of Pearl City In One of 20 OIA Judo Championship Matches (April 24)
10. Aiea Arquette, Devin Kahahawai, Jovi Lefotu, Erin Hikiji And Blaze Sumiye
Are Among 12 Picked For The Hall Of Honor (May 22)

97X Song Of The Daze

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Scott Fagan “IN MY HEAD”
I heard this gem of a song on Hawaii Public Radio’s “Bridging the Gap” recently. The jazzy, yet brooding, self-reflective tune seemed new. On Google, however, I learned it was released in 1968. It turns out that, at the time 54 years ago, Fagan was being groomed to be a big star. Somehow that fate eluded him. According to various reports, his music is making a comeback and he’s still recording new songs.
— Nick Abramo, Bedrock Sports Hawaii

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